My name is Aditya Anand and this blog is a diary of my observations and beliefs.

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Buddhist philosophy has a very nuanced view of the ‘Truth’. One such idea is a principle called Chatuskoti. Chatuskoti insists that reasoning and logic go beyond true or false. Chatuskoti embraces the contradiction and the unknown.

‘Truth’ is also a fluid concept. Everyone once believed that the earth was flat. Doctors used to endorse cigarettes. I was taught that Pluto is a planet. As we observe the world more closely many old truths become mistaken beliefs.

The blog title - Chatuskoti - is a personal reminder to remember this nature of truth. Its contradictions and its impermanence; and that we must not forget to challenge our beliefs. I do this in the hope that a more curious, humble and observing mind is better suited to learn about the nature of the self and the world.

This blog is a diary of my observations and beliefs. To reflect on my experiences and to connect the dots. To form new beliefs and to seek the truth.

About Me

My name is Aditya Anand. I currently live in Bangalore. I turn 30 this year. It evokes enough emotion to merit a post.

Aditya Anand

I’m a mechanical engineer by degree. I’ve been involved in all kinds of jobs. From peddling laptops in a shopping mall to managing products with millions of users. I currently work at Practo where I build AI analytics tools for healthcare.

I’ve been very fortunate to have built a career around my passions. My fondest memories involve a computer. Being a maker and making things is part of an ethic I enjoy.

Apart from software, technology and design – I also identify as an entrepreneur. On good days it brings extreme satisfaction and joy. On bad days nothing but misery and hair-loss. Never ever a dull day though. It’s hardly surprising that I also like roller-coasters, adventure and triathlons.

My father, who studied liberal arts, has been a strong influence. I like reading things across formats and genres. I follow social affairs and politics. Sometimes, I try to be more than a slacktivist. My politics tilts to the left of center. With many exceptions.

I enjoy conversations and meeting new people. Serendipity and karma are funny and beautiful things. Don’t be shy. Drop me an email. I’ll thank you for it.